Zombie Jesus Just Goes Home

Nothing reinforces the creepy factor of religion more than having a whole religion build up all its holidays to one pinnacle day of zombie celebration. Easter, the day of celebratory events to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Christianity, he is God’s one and only child and as a single dad he really went all out. He left the mother to be mocked and ridiculed by her friends and family for having a deadbeat dad and he never once made a child support payment. Mary, the single mom had to tell her own husband she cheated with an invisible being and being the shmuck he was, he stood by her side. God never once offered to help pay for delivery, room and board while on the run from shame, nothing! But I digress.

So Jesus is born and this kid thinks he’s pretty damn special, with his invisible entity dad and all. Living his life, cutting wood, and eventually pissing off the locals. Then his days are numbered. This guy manages to piss of anybody and everybody that has the power to keep him alive. He was very popular among all the people he helped out, kissing boo boo’s, filling empty tummies, listening really well to philosophers when he had time to travel, that kind of stuff. Then he pissed off the wrong guy on the wrong day and they nailed him to a cross, like every other common criminal of that time. Hung up like a trophy animal over a rich man’s mantle, Jesus and two other guys, guilty of whatever petty crimes they did, they hung until they bled out. Then this story takes another invisible twist. Apparently they bury him in the usual manner, wrapped in burial cloths and herbs for preservation and shut up into a tomb. Three days later this guy apparently gets up and says, ya I’m done with that and walks away. Hey they supposedly were witnesses, so who am I to disagree? This resurrected guy, now the number one zombie of all of Christianity solidifies his role in history as the son of God. No one can wrap their heads around a woman who cheats on her husband and may, just maybe was wrapped up in healing herbs and laid to rest in tight cloths that would have stopped the bleeding and after three days he discovered he was feeling just fine and simply went home. That apparently was just too simple. That quite honestly would mean, he was just a guy. A guy who didn’t want to be crucified again and had a history of traveling by foot to faraway lands. A guy who could have healed and then traveled for the rest of his days until his very human body was done living. Jesus just went home.

Easter is a holiday that has so many alternative reasons why we all celebrate it for one reason or another. Christians celebrate the resurrection of their lord and savior. Pagans celebrate the Spring Equinox and all things wonderful and Spring, fertility, and renewal. Atheists celebrate chocolate and Sunday. I personally fill 100 plastic eggs with stickers, chocolate, candy and coins and do an egg hunt with my kids. Why? Well I like it. I don’t need an excuse or a reason to do what I do. That is what is great about Easter, to me. You can celebrate Jesus, death, life, renewal, spring, fertility, whatever you choose. Why because Easter by definition alone means all those things:
“Easter |ˈēstər|
the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and held (in the Western Church) between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the northern spring equinox.
• the period in which Easter occurs, esp. the weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday.
ORIGIN Old English ēastre; of Germanic origin and related to German Ostern and east. According to Bede the word is derived from Ēastre, the name of a goddess associated with spring.”


Police charge high school student with disorderly conduct for using iPad to prove he’s being bullied – Salon.com

This is insane! I would run this up to the highest courts! This is why kids are killing themselves and others in schools! They are being bullied and then told to shut the fuck up and sit down. How many kids (mine included) have been bullied and told that if they retaliate they are punished. This has to stop!

Police charge high school student with disorderly conduct for using iPad to prove he’s being bullied – Salon.com.

5 Minutes For Mom Party


5 Minutes For Mom is having a Blog Party! How cool is that! There are tons of blogs entering into this and ready for you to head on over and start exploring them. This is a great resource ready tool so you can just click, click, click away and find some great sites. I love to read other bloggers!

So follow me and head on over and start following others who interest you. It’s a party after all. So don’t forget to have a little wine first ;)

Eye Opening Cup of Java

So where would I be without some knowledge of how to make a great cup of coffee. And although I have an espresso machine and a coffee pot, I do not have a pod system coffee pot….yet ;)


Here is a great recipe for a delicious cup of java to get you moving in the morning.


Brew your favorite coffee (use only fresh, maybe even bottled water if you have it)

Use only real sugar. Not any of that fake, substitute crap. Real sugar!

I use non dairy creamer, but feel free to use milk, cream, anything you prefer.

Once assembled, shake on it a dash of cinnamon, dash of nutmeg and drizzle some caramel on top. It will all sink to the bottom, but that’s okay. Just stir and enjoy! 


Really simple, but absolutely delicious!