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John Oliver: Why Is Columbus Day Still a Thing? | Mother Jones

Know your history. John Oliver hits the nail on the head. Again :)

John Oliver: Why Is Columbus Day Still a Thing? | Mother Jones.

Free Will Cures “It”

How often in your life have you thought “I’m done? ” That moment where you just can’t take it anymore, depending on what that particular “it” is at the time. Whether it’s a job, a friend, a family member, your health, the list goes on. When is “it” really enough? Some people say after a long night of drinking that they’ll never drink again, that’s enough for me forever. Usually they don’t mean it. Usually it’s just fed up for right now, but given enough space and time “it” will happen again. Just given birth and endured 20 hours of labor? You’ll be belting out “that’s it! No more kids for me! ” Until enough space and time goes on and you do “it” again. It’s human nature.

What if within human nature there was something deep within you that decided that some things are just so overwhelming, so traumatic, so unbearable that no amount of space and time could make you do “it” again? Well there is. It’s called free will. We all have it. We all are born with it and our brains already come uploaded with this app inside us. Isn’t that great? Yet so many of us act like we don’t have it. We ignore free will like it’s the crazy grandmother that lives in our attic and deny she’s even there to those that say they think they saw something in the window. I’ll let you in on a little secret. .. She’s there!

The media leads us to believe free will doesn’t exist. The magazines, movies, pop music, neighbors, friends and family will tell you it’s not real. “You can’t just quit your job and get another one just because you are unhappy. We’re all unhappy. You just do it.” Or my favorite, “you can’t just up and move because you are unhappy. People are unhappy everywhere and you just learn to live with it.” Albeit kernels of truth reside in those assumptions. There are unhappy people everywhere and there are tons of people in crappy jobs because someone has to clean the toilets right? However, what they don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to accept any of “it.” You can choose via free will to change people, places, and things in your life. You have the power to change you.

Now if you wake up one day and decide today is the day and you’re not going to take “it” anymore and you’re changing your life does that mean you’ll be happy? Hell no! However what it does mean is that you will probably have more days of happiness, more adventures, more life experiences, and knowledge about life than those around you ignoring that app in their heads. Free will allows everybody the chance to empower themselves and make mistakes. Yes I said mistakes. Nothing is a better life learning tool than mistakes. The chance to try something and screw it up royally is amazing. I promise you one thing though. Taking chances and going out and living your life, through your own choices, your own free will, will lessen the amount of times you say “I’ve had it! “

Twitter Gets Personal: #whyistayed

2943541121_20b10e08caRay Rice, Janay Palmer, and the media have gotten into a relationship with each other that in and of itself is abusive. The mothership of social media has taken a spotlight and accusing eye to all of us. Nothing is nobody’s business anymore. So when a video came to light showing Ray Rice abusing his then fiance, now wife Janay Palmer, the torches were lit, the pitch forks were sharpened and media pointed them in the direction of where to burn their lives to the ground. Rice was fired from football and any hope of ever working in the NFL ever again and Palmer is enduring daily, non-stop public embarrassment for a private matter being shown on every media outlet over and over again. So why was it important that we see that video? Why should such a private matter be all over the media? Well if you ask the media, they will tell you for the greater good, but we all know it was for ratings and hype. At the end of the day what it really means is that a historically private, hidden, after school special, Lifetime movie topic needed to evolve from that cheese camp take on it and shown for what it really is. We’ve all seen those photo’s in our Facebook threads that show you beaten women. We’ve also read the comments that say, “oh they must be fake.” It makes it easier to digest and sleep at night. What it really is doing is giving abuser permission to continue their behavior. They are in no way happy about their behavior either. They are in desperate need of therapy and to be brought back under control of themselves. The abuser is an out of control individual with so many psychological issues battling inside their heads that they have no other place to put it but into their fists and to take it out on someone they perceive lesser than them. Remember, abusers aren’t always women. Abuser’s aren’t just angry for right now and it will pass. Remember abusers come in any color, race, creed, religion, history, economic status, age, and lifestyle. Which is why something wonderful came out of Janay Palmer’s abuse that even she probably didn’t see coming. People talking about why they stayed. Many have questioned why? After being abused and assumingly so more than just that day in the elevator, why would she stay with him and ultimately marry him? People who have been in her position answered with their own public confessions with the hashtag #whyistayed. Why I stayed became the most personal of all Twitter hashtags. Just why would someone stay after being abused, deciding they were okay, and continue to play the role of the punching bag? Read some of those and you too will realize, because we are all human. We all have made choices that to others seem insane. To the media an opportunity to get ratings and up their page counts on their websites. To those looking in, too much to bear. To the person choosing to stay however, it is simply just this.

Copied from Twitter:

Alyssa ‏@ArtofConfusion 2m
#WhyIStayed…everyone saw his angelic side & wouldn’t believe me. I thought it was a phase and our love was enough to change it. It wasn’t.

Colleen Dunlap ‏@ColleenDunlap20 2m
#WhyIStayed I was in denial that it was abuse. I thought that happened to others, not me. I was so ashamed. I became numb for awhile to cope

A GIRL NAMED JULIAN ‏@_oygevalt 5m
#WhyIStayed because I believed him when he said all the arguments were my fault, and when he said his intense sexual aggression was normal.

Tiffany Boyles ‏@EmpressAtreyu 5m
I thought it didn’t matter because I thought I was dumb and worthless and no one else could love me. Emotional abuse is abuse. #WhyIStayed

dreamer ♡ ‏@dreamerr1503 7m
#WhyIStayed ithought he would change,thought iwould be unhappy without him,thought i wasnt strong enough #WhyILeft for the bestfor my son&me

Dillon Black ‏@dillon_black 8m
#WhyIStayed because people who look like me, boyish & #queer can’t be #survivors or #victims of #violence .. We must be the #abuser #endvaw

Sharon Griego ‏@Sharon3104 10m
Not sure I’m in an abusive relationship. #WhyIStayed

Darth HotMess ‏@Jedi_Daddy Sep 8
#whyistayed she was the mother of our kids & i didnt want ours in a broken home like I grew up in. #dv is genderless

Ismat Sarah Mangla ‏@ismat Sep 8
#WhyIStayed Because I thought no one would ever want me again. Because he told me that.

The list goes on and on and on. Domestic Violence is described in the dictionary as: “(noun) violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. police, social services, and voluntary agencies are working together to tackle domestic violence.” Learn to recognize it in your life and in those that you love. Don’t just release a video to destroy the abuser. Find ways to open communication in your life with those that may be abusers or being abused. Many are afraid of being shut out if they start talking about it. That may happen. You may need to add that to the list of reasons police intervention is necessary. That may escalate your actions of safety for yourself. No matter what, silence is the worst. Being in a relationship that hurts and thinking no one notices or cares, your mind automatically tells the victim they are the problem. Then we end up with one more #whyistayed. Reach out and get help. Reach out and help. Reach out and get safety. There are hotlines and many online 24 hours a day to ask questions about situations, any situation. Don’t be a statistic, change your life or the life of those being hurt. Who knows what would have happened if someone did that for Janay Palmer and she married him anyway, but all public embarrassment aside, she knows now that what happened was not okay and she is cared about.


Blythe Baird’s Slam Poem Dissects The Depressing Way Women Are Taught To Behave

This is spot on and friggin awesome!

Blythe Baird's Slam Poem Dissects The Depressing Way Women Are Taught To Behave.

Watch Beyoncé’s Entire Flawless VMA Performance

Beyonce shouldn’t have brought her daughter to see her perform. She is too young to be watching mommy grinding and smacking her ass. She is too young to understand the vague message written and spoken on a screen about being a feminist. As much as I am not a fan of Beyonce, I do applaud her for talking about being in charge in the bedroom, the give and take of being in a relationship and the changes we go through becoming a mother. I just wish she didn’t do it in front of her daughter.

Watch Beyoncé's Entire Flawless VMA Performance.

Objectification of Women

A student uses poetry to respond to the objectification of women in rap. This wonderful slam reminds us that words have meaning, weight, and power.

To read the comments under the video one would think, this means nothing. Nothing will change. So does that mean we should sit back and do nothing? Hell no! It means we need more voices like this to make our voices heard. Women are not equal to a table. We are not just objects to lay a glass upon. We are important and if we ever became unified on a mass level the world would fall to its knees and thank us. Until that day occurs, we must not be silent. We must speak.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings “100 Days, 100 Nights” – YouTube

This woman and her band are on constant loop in my ear. Love them! She is an incredible singer and woman. The Dap Kings are a great band! Watch and find the rest of her catalog and listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days, 100 Nights" – YouTube.

Tori Amos covers Creep by Radiohead VIDEO.

The intensity of this cover is worth the listen, bookmark, revisit, tweet, retweet and whatever other attention can be paid to it.

Tori Amos covers Creep by Radiohead VIDEO..

Artificially Awake Coffee Break Moment

coffee-endingThere has been a lot of death in the news, seemingly most recently more than ever. Perception is a skewed, but it doesn’t lessen the anxiety it causes. Take time to listen to music on full blast. Watch your favorite movie as many times as you want, in your pajamas. Watch a new film, explore French films, classics, indie, Anime. Who cares? Just find life, grab it by its scrawny, little, worthless, until you put it to use neck and tell it – I WILL ENJOY YOU! 


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