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Weight Watchers Cereal Review

I could not get past the taste that was left in my mouth after each bite. The bites were good until that moment of after taste. It left something on my tongue that I really could not shake and left me unable to enjoy the cereal. Sorry. I also don’t like diet soda for this same reason and feel that this could be what I’m tasting with the cereals. ¬†However, those that tried it and did drink diet drinks on a regular basis liked it. So it’s all in your preference. I received this product from BzzAgent and got it for free to try and review. Weight Watchers supplied the product and asked for the review through them.


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Indie Author Insider: Julie Ortolon – YouTube

This is a great little video that speaks on her personal storytelling origin.


Indie Author Insider: Julie Ortolon – YouTube.

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