Hillary Clinton: President Hopeful or Hopeless?

I am by definition, a bleeding heart liberal. I get all worked up about all kinds of issues that affect humanity. Everything from immigration, to abortion, to LGBT issues, to women’s rights, and everything in between. I voted for Ralph Nader, Barack Obama (twice), and am pro-choice. So naturally one would assume that I am 100% behind Hillary Clinton becoming the next president and the first woman president. Wrong. I am still on the fence and that fence is the dividing line between hope and hopeless.

Hope is what got me to vote for Nader, Obama, class president in high school, and every decision I have ever made. Hope fuels decisions we make everyday. I had hoped Obama was able to do more as president, but soon realized Congress is where it’s at. I should have hoped for a better Congress. So now here we are almost 8 years later and I had hoped for Elizabeth Warren as first female president. I had hoped for a woman that I could instantly get behind. I had hoped Hillary Clinton would have been first lady. I really wanted to like Hillary. I really did and do. I want to be behind her and her goal oriented agenda to take over the world. I do not have anything against her as a woman. I don’t know her personally. I do not hold against her the choices she made when her husband, then president Bill Clinton publicly humiliated her and cheated on her. That is her business. I do not feel she necessarily is wrong for Bengazi or even for her time as Secretary Clinton. I even applaud her public stance to be pro-woman and supports us vagina’s in a very public way. No one can get scolded for that by us bleeding hearts. However, what I do take extreme exception to is her history since her husband’s time in office that lends itself to a long line of secret back alley deals that don’t support the best interest of the American people, but instead serves her and her husband’s Clinton Foundation. A great video on the subject of just how propaganda filled her campaigns can be was recently put out by Russell Brand on his internet show Trews. Check it out, because I think it expresses a lot of what I’m feeling while watching her campaigning thus far.

If you want to check out how she voted on many issues, just check this link out: http://www.ontheissues.org/senate/hillary_clinton.htm

Now the dark area’s that I feel would keep me from voting for Hillary Clinton as president, putting me on the side of hopeless are prompted by her business decision history. Remember Whitewater? I know I do. The Clintons had pressured David Hale into providing an illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, the Clintons’ partner in the Whitewater land deal. David Hale is a former Arkansas municipal judge and former Arkansas banker that worked with the Clinton’s in the Whitewater land deal. Now I realize that is old news, but still it speaks to the character of the business mindset of the Clinton’s. Just remember, if Hillary gets to be president, that makes Bill first lady, um, I mean First Gentleman. I guess that’s what they would call it. Either way, even though everyone seems to romanticize the presidency of Bill Clinton, he did a lot of shady deals as well. The Clinton’s worked hand in hand on all their deals. Hell, for all we know Hillary already knew about Monica Lewinsky and whomever else and it was an acceptable part of their marriage, part of their deal. I really could care less, but let’s just remember that marriage is a business, just as running the country is a business, just as running for president is a business. It’s all business and it’s within that business model that I lose hope for Hillary as president. Just because she is the lesser of evils, that doesn’t make her any less evil.

Another key factor that keeps me hopeless is the stark contrast in ideology for big banks. Big banks are what caused our financial collapse. Elizabeth Warren has been a strong opponent of that ever happening again by taking on big banks on every corner. Hillary Clinton had Wall Street employees of giant financial firms representing five of Clinton’s top 10 contributors during her 2008 presidential run. That is alarming in and of itself. Why would anyone looking to take us into the future want to get into bed with Big Banks? Unless that someone is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is. Money is not her strong suit and in a time of financial uncertainty it is more important than ever to get that right. Even during her own presidential campaign bid in 2008, Clinton went into debt by $22.5 million, with more than half of that being owed back to her. She paid off these debts by selling leftover trinkets, to renting the personal information of her supporters. It finally cleared its debts in 2013. This does not speak very highly of her financial capabilities and certainly not for our country. Illegal activity seems to follow her no matter where she goes. “In 2013, a New York City businessman pleaded guilty to illegally supporting Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign with more than $608,000 in campaign services.” (http://www.publicintegrity.org/2015/04/12/17107/12-things-know-about-hillary-clinton)

So in the end, there is a glimmer of hope, but the hopelessness seems to overshadow it. I want to like Clinton, but really what do I have to go on? Can we, at this stage in the game afford to risk taking on a president that does so many questionable business transactions? I am also looking at the fact that she will be up against people like Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz. Again, lesser of evils, is still evil, but if had to vote between the devil and Judas, I just might vote for Judas.


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