12310591_10207997326513668_2996072142493890671_n.jpgWhether you are male or female, this issue should be important to you. Populating the earth is not an issue and overpopulation is certainly something to consider. As a mother of four, I certainly am not advocating not having children. What I am advocating is allowing a woman to make informed choices about her body, the world she lives in, and the health of her well-being. A woman can make the choice to have no children, one child, two, or ten, but it has to be her choice.


Planned Parenthood is so much more than just that choice. Planned Parenthood offers health screenings for cancers, as well as many other health and well-being services for a woman that is woman-focused care. I realize this is something that makes men feel left out, but men can walk into their doctor’s office and automatically receive male-centered care. The idea of having a place for women to get health care, whether they can afford it or not is incredibly important.


I used Planned Parenthood in my teen years and as a young adult. Self-disclosure, I have never had an abortion. I have used birth control. I have had pap smears. I have had sexually transmitted diseases tests. I have had someone from the center teach me how to give self-breast exams for early detection of breast cancer. I have recommended it to other women and I am recommending it to you. I recommend it to you if you are a male as well. I recommend you find your local Planned Parenthood and find out what they offer and how they help your community. Stop making decisions for women, about women, including women who buy into your argument against Planned Parenthood, instead, go to the source. The only way to really know, learn, and grow is to find out yourself from the source. Watch this short video and see how the long 100-year history of the center has changed society and will be around regardless of opposition. Why make it harder for women to take care of themselves when all you have on your hands instead is blood and tears. Maybe you can live with yourselves with that knowledge, but I know I can’t. #IStandWithPP




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