Women’s Rights Are Human Rights


I wrote nothing about the inauguration of the incoming president because I don’t have to. I wrote nothing because focusing on the abuser enables him. I wrote nothing because his unlawful election was such a blight on American History that I have to construct a discussion about it that speaks to the enormity of it, not the single act of swearing in. So in other words, stay tuned.

What I do want to speak about is the beautiful solidarity that has sprung from the ashes of our burnt Democracy. Women’s rights are human rights, we all chant.

15940762_10211499770152570_3663986592380935941_nThe idea that we are fighting for equality as women in the year 2017 should be enough to discourage and flatten all of us, but instead it fuels us. It is the fact that we are still fighting and as soon as we rest the devil rises to snatch away our rights. I do not mean in the biblical sense, but instead the metaphorical sense. Men who are comfortable with women as second class citizens and the women that enable them in their normality by voting against their best interest in order to gain acceptance from the gold ole’ boys club are the metaphorical devil. These men and women will never stop their actions while the rest of us accept suppression. The time is now, the time is every day, the time is every waking moment until someday when this conversation seems like ancient history and inconceivable to humanity.


Watch the live feed of the March on Washington, if you are not there. Watch this and know that these women are not just those standing on the pavement, but the 100’s of 1000’s that are around this world standing in solidarity chanting reasons @WhyIMarch. It is, because without these women and these voices, the devil will continue to seep into every crack of humanity and teach us and our sons and daughters that women as second class citizens who need a mostly male government to tell them what is allowed an38447d what is not, is the stuff of dystopian novels, not a civilization in the modern world. See in the coming months, Hulu will have a series called The Handmaid’s Tale, based upon the novel by the same name. Watch it. Read the novel. Read how Atwood saw this coming in the 1980’s because as a Canadian, she was watching how the world treated women and she could envision a future that now doesn’t seem like fiction.

What do you do now? You stand in solidarity with organizations like Planned Parenthood, because access to health care is more than just a small percentage of abortions, which are part of a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body. Planned Parenthood gives free to low cost health care to 100’s of 1000’s of women who cannot otherwise afford it and could and have died without it.

12310591_10207997326513668_2996072142493890671_nStanding with these organizations means standing with all women, regardless of your gender and saying you recognize women as equals. Women are not dogs to be owned. Women are not children to be scolded. Women are not prisoners. Women are not here to push out babies and make dinner. Women are human beings and feminism isn’t a dirty word, but the belief that we are equals and that is not on the back of men being oppressed. It IS equality for all. We are not to be feared. We are not live in fear. We are not here for men’s gaze. We are not here to accept and shut up. We are here to live our lives, as we choose because we are human beings. The fact that we have to keep saying this to people is heartbreaking, but it does not mean we will give up. ALL women are here to live our lives, with the same access, privilege and equality the pussy grabbers of the world have. We are no not going to be quiet. #Solidarity #WhyIMarch #StayTuned #WeAreHere #WeWillNeverGiveUp #WeAreHuman




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