English Language: A Writers Tool


Reflections of the English Language mirror our desires to communicate with each other in spite of not always knowing all the rules. An immigrant may not know all of the rules to the English language, but that does not stop them from communicating to the best of their ability in English in order to be heard. With that being said alterations have been made in sentence structures, literary styles, word meanings, and word spellings. Having something to say supersedes the rules of English language and rightfully so. “All living languages change over time, and all show variation, such as ask and aks. Just because a current form was common in English 1,500 years ago doesn’t mean that we should use it today or think it is somehow better—and clearly in the case of aks, age has not given this form authority. But given these details about the history of aks, it is difficult to insist that aks is somehow wrong or inferior. It is a systematic variant of ask (Curzan, 3)” Being able to connect with another human being outweighs grammatical do’s and don’t because being able to communicate is fundamental to humanity regardless of the limitations.

For me, the significance of language study in my own career path is as natural as breathing. Toni Morrison saw a style of language that was projected to be lost forever so she began writing in this stylistic diction to model a category of English language from the African American community. For Morrison, this was a natural path to take with her own writing. I would not want to start down the path of creative writing without all of the tools necessary to assist me on my journey. My tools are my companions. If I were Dorothy and I was heading to see the great powerful Wizard of Oz, I would need my companions, my best pal Toto, and some assistance from a good witch. Without these things Dorothy could not reach her goal. I cannot reach my goal of creative writer and college professor without my companions. Studying the language I plan on writing in enables me to see to it that I write the best possible structure for my creative medium.

As a writer, my chosen medium is how I choose to showcase my skills that if done correctly will convey a layered story rich with meaning and nuance. Everyday I am learning new and exciting things about the field of English language which I add to my toolbox in order to have the most impact on my own writing and teaching. Ancient societies wrote in languages they create, learned and taught in order to communicate great ideas as well as mundane everyday tasks. Over time this shaped how societies ran due to the communication that took place between people in all relationships of society. These early communications and studies of languages evolved into texting, Skyping, Facebooking, Tweeting, and Snap Chatting. Needing to communicate shaped the creation of these tools, because just one way of communicating is no longer part of our world, but mandatory that we have a few at our disposal. I suspect that our future will include more options, as well as new words, styles, and authors writing about them as they fade away.






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