Food For Thought About Creative Writing

IMG_3457To begin the act of writing, comprehension of the building blocks for grammar, style, composition, syntax, diction, and prose is necessary. Not having an understanding of each component would lead to disaster.


 Imagine trying to bake a cake without knowing exactly what each ingredient is. You may be able to add them all together and create a final product, but if I tried to use those same ingredients again to be creative, without a recipe I could potentially blow up my kitchen. I need to know exactly why I am mixing the sugar and butter first, incorporating each egg and how many eggs. I also need to know why I need salt to go with the baking powder and what the science is behind their combination. Creative writing is the same way. If I am trying to craft a work I need to know the tools I am using to create with. If I lack the comprehension of rhythm in the diction of prose and I read Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” poem, I will never see all the nuances of its craft and the formula behind its construction. If I took this style and tried to craft my own narrative it probably would sound contrived and disingenuous. Creative writing should come across as natural as a casual conversation between two people or an interesting person telling you a story. If I cannot get any of this, I will never be able to translate it over into my own writing and craft prose that utilizes any type of style or nuance. I will be babbling or at best reiterating what I’ve heard. That is not creative writing. That is a recipe for disaster.


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