Bill Cosby: The Father Who Disappointed Us All

Too many times our heroes disappoint us. Too many times our heroes turn out to be less than who we perceived them to be. This time, our American Icon of heroes in fatherhood disappointed everyone, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, background, or age. This time, our hero used his position of power to sexually assault women who also looked to him as the hero they needed in their lives.

Millions of people have drama in their lives and falsely we turn to television, movies, media in general to find stand in figures who in our minds would never treat us the way our drama filled friends and family would. Bill Cosby was one of those people. Whether it was his cartoon Fat Albert, his tv show The Cosby’s, his role in movies such as Ghost Dad, his characters on The Electric Company, his drawings on his kid’s segment Picture Page, or his icon being used for commercials for Jello Pudding Pops, Bill Cosby was the man who stood tall and proud making us laugh, cry, be humble, be proud, and be kind. Billy Cosby’s was America’s Father Figure.

Now in his 70’s, almost blind, who knows how many years left on this Earth, Cosby’s long history of sexual abuse comes to light. Not only is it heart-wrenchingly awful that he committed these acts, but he did it while we all looked at him with admiration, love, and respect. He turned out to be worse than all of those people we pushed aside to make room for him in our hearts and minds, he lied to us so well, we all believed it. Millions of us bought his act hook, line, and sinker. We all were duped into thinking he was who we thought he was. This was not a case of millions of people believing him to be great when he wasn’t after all, such as when a seemingly great person makes you happy and then as soon as they turn they wipe their hands of even touching you, but instead made you feel great and loved then turned and stuck his dick in a woman without her permission. That is Cosby now.

Cosby has taught us all a very valuable lesson, that quite frankly we all could have done without, but since I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, this reason is to teach us that we shouldn’t be looking to others to fill a need in our lives but instead be that person. We all can’t be stand in father figures, but we can role-model the values and ideals that come with that status in our everyday lives. If we stop putting men like Cosby on a pedestal then we won’t be so broken when they fall. In fairy tales, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall and it took all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to put him back together again. In real life, Humpty Dumpty can fall, but it is all of us who end up broken. If we stop giving men like Cosby the opportunity to break us when they fall they will be held accountable for what caused them to fall in the first place.

These women saw no justice and will get no peace as a result of a justice system that in and of itself is broken. Let us all give them some peace and correct the way we lift up the wrong people in society. Go out and lift up the hardworking parent, the fireman/woman, the Good Samaritans, the police officer that isn’t giving into abuse of power, the person knitting hats for babies in the NICU, the teacher who works to help his/her students, the kid who goes to school despite the odds, the veteran who made it and those that didn’t. There are so many others out there who need to be lifted up and shown we honor them and their roles in society. Some of us may grow up without a father, but it is my job to teach my sons to be better men, not an actor.



(NORRISTOWN, Pa.) — Bill Cosby’s trial on sexual assault charges has ended without a verdict after jurors failed to break a deadlock. Jurors deliberated more than 52 hours over six days before telling a judge they couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on whether “The Cosby Show” star drugged and molested Temple University employee Andrea Constand…

via Judge Declares Mistrial in Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case — TIME


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