Blade Runner 2049

blade-runner-2049-mainWithout a doubt this film is destined to be a cult classic, just as its predecessor was. It didn’t bank much this weekend at the box office and neither did the other, but over time made its money back and then some. I feel this film will do the same.

Now, with that being said I have some storytelling issues with this film that may be worked out if I watch it a few more times to see if I missed anything, but this film wasn’t the overwhelming exciting experience I hoped it to be. I could have just set my bar too high and therefore lead to my slight disappointment.

My first issues begins with the main character’s relationship with his robot hallogram wife person not person housemate that he paid for. K (Ryan Gosling) barely connects with any other human being besides the one he bought, Joi (Ana de Armas). She knows his wants and needs before heeven does and she is the perfect companion for any male living out his ultimate fantasy even if that fantasy is run by a robot man. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a physical body so lets just say she finds a way to work around that issue and please him. This storyline is so cliche’ and tired. I was really hoping to find out she was more than just a tool to be used but then I grew angry at the storyline itself. You can remove Joi’s character from the story and have absolutely no missing piece to the puzzle. You can take the key elements to the story that she offers and have them fed through other characters, such as his boss Lieutenant Joshi (Robin Wright). Joi was more symbolic than anything and a lazy way to write in information for the overall storyline.

blade-runner-2049-ryan-goslingThen came the rebellious league of underground prostitutes who may lead the next movie. As fantastic as that sounds they did offer great information for the storyline, but were poorly used. I do hope that is because of a potential lead in the future films, but in this film they were a near miss.

One point that was made well but as an overall point to be made about acting, Jared Leto is one scary mo-fo. He really gets into hischaracters and with that being said I would hate to be caught off guard anywhere around him while he was playing this character. Yikes! br2049-2

Lastly, nipples. I was so tired of seeing extremely large nipples everywhere that I wondered where all of the clothes were for the women. They weren’t just scantily clad, they were just nude. The only nude men were shut down AI bots and they were just these super white bodies laying and suspended for view. This film was the ultimate male fantasy in terms of sex-bots, paid pleasure centers without consequences, and naked women all over the place. That is not to say this film lacked strong female characters, because it did. There were quite a few in fact, but lets just say by the end of the film you wonder what happened.

I left the film feeling like I missed something, not in plot or puzzle but overall. The actors were all incredible and the overall mystery of the storyline and the actual point of it all was perfect. How they got from point A to point B was where I felt something was missing and maybe rushed. Will there be a director’s cut? If so that would explain a lot. I am a fan of going to the movies, but I am alsoa lover of cinema. I am not scared away by a 3 hour film. Heck, I’ll watch a 10 hour film if I feel like its worth it. So there is hope that there is a longer version of this film that includes my missing pieces. I am glad I didn’t spend too much money on seeing it and I am glad I did see it, but honestly there was no excuse to such sloppy storytelling.




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