In my opinion, which comes from a place of experience, sexual predators come in many variant degrees of style, but ultimately all fall into the same pool. I work in social services so I have worked with many individuals who fall on that variant degrees of the spectrum that highlights all the types of individuals who require supports in order to function in society. With that being said, perspective can really color how you see each case, type, action, outcomes, etc. So who cares, right? A sex predator is a sex predator, end of story they all need to burn in hell, right? Well, yes and no. Let me explain.

One type of predator may very well be the overt, pompous, power grabbing, pussy grabbing, monster type like Harvey Weinstein. He is by no means feeling any guilt over what he did, but will pretend he does because he was caught. The Harvey’s of the world are simply pieces of shit who need to be held accountable for their actions, punished publicly, maybe even flogged a bit and never be allowed out of a cage for what they have done. This Harvey’s of the world include others such as Bill Cosby and unfortunately a very long list of others. No matter how you slice it, the Harvey’s of the world are rapist and society has no place for them. End of story.

Then you take the Kevin Spacey’s of the world and your stomach turns a little tighter over the disgust that is his behavior. The Spacey’s of the world are charming, charismatic, and using that combination to lure in young boys for his sexual pleasure despite their unwillingness to participate. He feels like he is the thing that is missing from these young boys lives and he will make it all better. The Spacey’s of the world are sexual predators of the worst kind, pedophiles. The Spacey’s of the world prey on the naivety and innocence of young men/boys and like a vampire, feeds off of their blood in order to grow stronger. With more and more boys to feed off of The Spacey’s of the world feel stronger, younger, reversing time and showcasing themselves as the best of what life has to offer. The Spacey’s of the world learned somewhere along the line every toxic, unhealthy relationship skill that life has to offer, maybe even was a victim of it himself, but at this point in his life there is not enough therapy on the planet to undo his issues and no fire can burn strong enough to burn out who he has become. The Spacey’s of the world need to be locked away in a cage and forgotten about. End of story.

Last but not least there is the Louis C.K.’s of the world. C.K.’s of the world are your average Joe’s who make people feel bad for them while they use their positions of power to make friends and get people to like him, but one problem, not everyone likes them. The C.K.’s of the world need everyone to like them otherwise they grow angry and like a zoo animal that is pissed off that a visitor didn’t pay them enough attention he uses whatever bodily fluid he chooses and flings it out into the air to show dominance over the woman and his own body, showcasing his anger. The C.K.’s of the world have issues in a way that can only be assessed by reviewing their body of work, actions, words, and choices in life. The C.K.’s of the world are misogynist pigs who have a Samsonite X-Large baggage of issues that needs to be worked on since he was too weak to admit it and get it himself he wove it all into his work waiting for someone to call him out on it. The C.K.’s of the world are the same as the dudes we have all worked with or went to school with who called women lesbians who refused to go out with them. It is the same anger and resentment because nothing is more powerful in fueling self hatred than the rejection of a woman. The C.K.’s of the world need decades of therapy and to be held accountable for their actions, separated from society and forced to deal with their issues because quite frankly, in Louis C.K.’s case, he has two daughters and to me they are the biggest victims of all. They need to know their father tried to fix himself for their sake even if he never gets there. End of story.

It is obvious that any one of these men and the men that have yet to be outed, rightfully so, need to be exposed so they can stop exposing themselves to women/boys/children/etc as a desperate cry for help. Sexual predators use sex as a tool in order to express themselves in a negative, inappropriate way in order to elicit a reaction. The only way to stop this is to hold each of them accountable in a very public way and switch the tables, giving the power to the women/boys/children who have been victims and scream from the top of everybody’s lungs that this will not be tolerate any longer. If and when any other one of these events takes place, it can’t be a secret, a party rumor, a punchline to a joke, but an immediate press release with the law involved. This is not an overreaction, this is a necessity in order to pull back our society from the wrong hands it has so sadly been placed in care of, up until now. From this point on, only real men, who respect women/boys/children and act professionally will be given jobs, roles, positions of power, stage, screen, contracts and the spotlight. If we do not make this change, we might as well just give Spacey, C.K., and Weinstein back their jobs and roles in society.




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