“Don’t talk! You’re breaking my concentration!” he said before pressing his cast covered forearm harder across my throat. “You’re hurting … More

Analysis of Setting

  The setting in “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner creates a portrait of a small town with just … More

Bill Cosby: The Father Who Disappointed Us All

This was not a case of millions of people believing him to be great when he wasn’t after all, such as when a seemingly great person makes you happy and then as soon as they turn they wipe their hands of even touching you, but instead made you feel great and loved then turned and stuck his dick in a woman without her permission. That is Cosby now. 


Whether you are male or female, this issue should be important to you. Populating the earth is not an issue … More

The Female Body in Movies: Ex Machina

Ava is the peformative imitation of the code that Nathan programs into her to appear as real as possible, but without any natural substance involved in her creation.

Blundering Blog

Sometimes when life gets hectic, so does the blogging commitment. I have no one to blame but myself. I deleted … More