Mission Statement

16114289_10211499748832037_3221500071411693011_nIn a world of faux news and faux realities, as divided as this country has become politically it is incredibly important to separate fact from fiction. Being able to read some news, some history, some support, some dismantling, some information that will ground you to reality in this crazy world, is incredibly important to a healthy mind.

As a result, Artificially Awake Press will strive to discuss literature, films, music, tv, and occasionally video games, pop culture events, products, and whatever else it sees fit. The goal is to point out things that should not be overlooked, but given your attention to improve your quality of life, improve your quality of writing if that is your thing, or improve your quality of entertainment if you are looking for something great to enjoy.

Suggestions? Ideas? Advice? Contributions? Submissions? Links to suggest? Pages to suggest? Let me know. I will review, fact-check, and add.  Welcome to Artificially Awake Press.